Friday, February 25, 2011

Inducement Scheduled

I would like to make it as close to my due date as possible (so I don't have to return to work full-time this semester). The original due date was March 11.

At our ultrasound last week, we learned that this baby was almost 8 lbs. The baby measured 2 oz off of what Jackson measured at the same point. By this point, Jackson had been born- crazy! And he was 8 lbs 9 oz.

Since Jackson was a big (and early due to pre-eclampsia) baby, the worry is that this baby will be big, but hang on in there. Luckily, I have not had any issues with pre-eclampsia this pregnancy. Because of all of these factors, we have scheduled an inducement for March 9, so I can get as close to my due date as possible, but keep the baby under 10 lbs (the point they recommend a C-section).

The hope is, I will go into labor naturally before that point. Based on the baby's measurements, they changed my due date to this weekend. But, what does that really mean? The baby will come when he comes! The good news is, my body has already progressed more on it's own this time than it did after being in the hospital for over 24 hours with Jackson. My doctor keeps telling me that this time should be easier! I hope she's right.

Exciting and scary!


Bethany said...

Pretty much the best Birthday week ever!!!!! Excited for you guys.

Penny Morris said...

So excited! It really will be easier this time around. Your body will totally "remember" what to do. I really could not believe how much "easier" the second labor was. I put easier in quotes because it was still labor and still painful... but at least I didn't have to push for like 5 hours and go through labor for 31 hours. It will all be great!!!

Rory-n-Jeremy said...

Thanks for the great updates! =) I'm thinking about you and hope it goes well with your newest Annyong!