Monday, February 28, 2011

2.0 aka Annyong aka still have no name

This post might be TMI for some of you...if so, just skip down to "TMI ends here."

As we blogged earlier, they (ultrasound lady) moved 2.0's due date up to this past weekend based on his size. My doctor thought he'd be early, too. I REALLY didn't want to have him this weekend since I was so incredibly sick and my doctor wasn't on-call. Luckily she delivers all her own babies during the week whether she's on-call or not. So, I had a strange feeling all day that today might be the day, but I kept dismissing it because WE'RE NOT READY! We have no name, no pack-n-play set-up and a house that's not as clean as I would have liked!

Since last night I've had this awful cough. I kept thinking it was so bad my water was going to break from it. But, I was more than half joking. Well, this afternoon, I had a huge coughing fit and thought, holy cow I really just peed my pants. Or wait. Did my water break? But, I dismissed it and took care of "stuff."

I started getting paranoid because I was feeling more pressure and started to google. I read a few things to make me think - it was my water breaking. It was 4:47 and the doctor's office closes at 5pm, so I worked on getting through to the nurse's line. Finally I called to "schedule an appointment" and got a live person. She automatically transfered me to the same nurse line where nobody was answering. Geez. I called right back and got another person. She checked with a nurse and told me to go to L&D. I really thought I would be sent home. They did a test to see if it was amniotic fluid and it came back negative. It was during a transition time, so I ended up bored out of my mind for quite a while. Finally, I got my new nurse. She did a test that she said was more accurate, but sounded more painful to me. As she was about to start the test, she laughed and said it wasn't necessary because as soon as she got the strip near me, it turned blue. My water definitely broke.


Grandma came and got Jackson a while ago to take him home for bed. Hopefully he's fast asleep now. The pitocin has been kicking for about 2 hours now and the contractions are definitely regular.

We have no clue on a name. We have a good nurse. Last time, my first nurse was awful and actually asked to be removed from our room in the middle of the shift. We ended on a good note with my nurse when Jackson was actually born. She was great! We actually just got to talk to her for a while. But, we also really like Jen, our current nurse. Hopefully, this baby will be born before she leaves.

For now, that's it. Rob is going to look up what has happened on March 1 in history. We still need a name. Oh yeah, and I still have an awful cough and horrible congestion. Should make for a lovely delivery. They let me have a shot of Robitussin.

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