Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sick Sucks

My students last year used to joke about how sick Jackson was, which sounds awful, but it was came from them always asking how he was when he was battling swine flu or some stomach bug or one of those horribly persistent ear infections. Some days, I would randomly tell them that he was fine, but they still thought he was a virus magnet.

Since his ear tubes were put in, he's been a healthy boy. This summer, it was rare for him to not be smiling and running all the time. Then we had to go and bring him back to day care.

He didn't even make it a week. I woke up one night to him whimpering and went in to check on him. He had fallen back asleep, but I ended up staying next to the crib and sleeping on the floor in case something was wrong. Something was wrong. He woke up around 1:30 throwing up. He was tossing and turning and whimpering all night after that, so we were one tired family when Grandma showed up to watch him Friday. He napped for most of Friday while we worked and Grandma took good care of him, though he was not interested in eating and his diarrhea was... well, you don't want to know.

Saturday, he woke up just like our summer Jackson. We played and decided to do a little shopping for some new clothes for school and to have lunch with the Tiemeyers. The results of this outing may have us permanently barred from Mission Burrito, because Jackson was not done being sick. We brought him home and took it easy for the rest of the day.

Sunday, I woke up regretting my Whataburger dinner. Then I realized I had contracted Virus X. The day before the new school year had me barely able to get off the floor. Jackson was also not exactly regular, so we enlisted Grandma again to help with Monday. She couldn't - she had the virus too.

After a day full of napping and pedialyte, I was well enough for day one of school. Grandma and Granddad MacGregor ventured over to the sick zone and spent the day playing with a nice healthy Jackson. I spent the day close to restrooms introducing myself to 115 high schoolers. Noelle spent the day dealing with the thousand headaches facing magnet coordinators on the first day of school. We get home, we're all feeling well, we're ready to be back to normal.

Today, Noelle got it. She's been miserable all day and had to miss Day Two of school, which is probably the second worst day for a magnet coordinator. Jackson's day care teacher mentioned how her son had been sick and she thought it was from the tainted eggs. I blame her son from this point on and will hold it against them forever.

So we're having a rough week and think you should all stay away from us, unless you're one of my students or Jackson's teacher.


Rory-n-Jeremy said...

No fair!!! Hope you all get better soon!!

Bethany said...

Get well soon!!!!

Grandad and Grandma MacGregor said...

So far so good - The MacGregor grandparents have not caught virus X, and enjoyed our day with Jackson - though the early start was early!

Taytamay said...

Aren't grandparents great??? What would one do without them?
It's daycare baby! Augustine's first year at day care was one week well, one week sick, next week on antibiotics and well then back to sick...on and on and on. Pick your poison: now or when they start school! Glad to hear all is well now.