Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jackson's Day #2 at Daycare and 15 mo Check-up

Day 2 did not go as well as Day 1. Not even close. First, Jackson would not let go of my neck this morning. He knew what was going on and was not going to get far enough away from me that I could sneak out. When we left he cried.

When we went to pick him up, two different teachers were in his room. Apparently, the one teacher who Jackson knows won't be in that room anymore. The other teacher who Jackson met yesterday had to leave early. We hope it wasn't from being sick. But the people that were in there didn't know much of anything. They didn't write down how much Jackson slept (though later we discovered it must not have been much) and they said he didn't want his lunch. Um....? Jackson LIKES to eat. Jackson doesn't pass up food and he lets you KNOW when he's hungry. And his lunch included cheese, which Jackson has a predisposition to enjoy on both sides of his genes. They showed us his plate, with cheese, peas, and turkey remaining. But he didn't act hungry when we picked him up and he didn't act that hungry when we tried to give him a snack later on (after being told he didn't eat his lunch). We think they accidentally gave him the school lunch, realized they weren't supposed to, and tried to give him his lunch. Since he already had lunch, he didn't eat it. They also said he had snacks, but his snacks were untouched in his cubbie. So either, he didn't eat ALL day or they fed him school food. We opted out of the school lunch (included in his tuition) because it's so awful. Chicken nuggets, pizza, hot dogs, quesadillas, turkey nuggets, grilled cheese, etc. Oh, and 3 of the 5 days, the fruit is fruit cocktail, which is of course in syrup. Although I know every kid eats that stuff, I don't think he needs that everyday. If that's what all daycares serve, no wonder that's all some kids will eat! Would it kill them to throw something in that's wheat or not fried?

So Jackson had his 15 month check-up a little late (2 weeks late). The wait was the worst we've ever had. Later the doctor told us we should avoid the place the week before school starts. We didn't even think about it. Every kid needs some shot or physical before school starts and everyone waits until the last minute. The wait combined with a boy who most likely didn't nap made for one nightmare patient. He flipped out like I have never seen when the doctor came in the room. He did manage to see his ear tubes are still in place and that was pretty much it. Jackson has never acted that way. I'm talking screaming at the top of his lungs and throwing himself about while trying to push the doctor away. It was the craziest thing. I hope this phase passes quickly. After almost an hour and a half of waiting, the doctor got to see him for about two minutes then got out of Dodge. Jackson was so upset he was incapable of telling him what the doctor said about the monkeys.

Jackson got his anemia test and the results were great. He also had to get 3 shots, which he didn't like, but he stopped crying about 10 seconds after the shots and was fine. We talked to the doctor for about 10 mins on our way out and Jackson talked and smiled away. So I don't know what it was that freaked him out so much before.

Jackson's head and height are both more than 97% of other 15 month old humans, and his weight was I believe between 50-70%. The paper is in the car but I am on the couch. I'll check and repost if the weight is wrong. He's 34 inches tall and weighed 26.15 pounds.

The best moment of the day had to be right as it started. Rob actually got to sleep in bed all night and wake up to his alarm, which hasn't happened a lot lately with Jackson's bizarre 4 am freak-outs. Today, Jackson woke up after 6 and did not fuss - he just stood up and started talking about puppies. That's the best thing to hear through a baby monitor.

Pray tomorrow goes better at daycare! If they don't get more organized we're going to switch schools.


The Kemps said...

Poor baby! I would have been SOOOO angry re: school!!!

Penny Morris said...

That really sucks about school! I am so with you in regards to the food... it is criminal what places feed kids... even kids menus at restaurants are often filled with such crap. It is so not complicated to make something that is not deep fried or reasonable healthy. And to not be able to get him to nap for long either. Ridiculous! He is one .. he needs at least two hours!! I hope things get settled or I agree, you need a new place. Poor jackson.. I hope tomorrow goes better. :(

Dad and Mom said...

We hope today goes better. It has not been a good week with parents stressed on Tuesday and Jackson on Wednesday.

Bethany said...

I hope today is better. Sending lots of love your way!

See what I did here? I attempted to be sweet. I doesn't seem genuine, right?