Monday, August 2, 2010

15 Months Old

Today our little monkey turns 15 mo old. He is still up to his usual tricks along with some new ones as well.

Jackson currently loves walking sideways and backwards.

Jackson can tell you that a cow says "moo" and that a sheep says "baaa" as well as point to his head, ears, mouth, teeth, feet, toes, and nose. He will then point to the item on Mommy and Daddy as well. His favorite body part to show off though is his belly hands down.

Jackson's comprehension level is definitely increased and he will follow simple comands (well, if he wants to he will). He has learned routines and knows where to go when you say it's time to change his diaper, put on his pajamas, go to his playroom, etc.

He has a few new words that aren't quite right, but very cute. He calls books "dooks" and shoes "zoos". He still calls cars and trucks "doors" and is still obsessed with every door he sees.

He has started climbing like crazy. He wants to climb on anything and everything from the sofa to the safety gate to the coffee table and more. He greatly enjoys falling off the playroom sofa and giving his parents heart attacks.

One of his favorite books is My Little People School Bus: A Lift the Flap PlayBook. Lately he has only wanted to stare at the cover which is a scene of a bus driver waving good-bye to students being met by their Mommies and Daddies. He has a Little People Bus that he loves to play with. While he's playing with it, he constantly waves and says, "bye-bye" like the bus driver on the book cover. A lot of times, the Little People sheep is driving.

He is dangerously close to turning door handles. With his obsession with doors, once he figures them out, we'll be in big trouble.

He likes wearing a cape, but who doesn't?

Having him go back to daycare this month will be very difficult for all of us. This summer, we took very few trips and really just spent the summer watching our boy grow. We're very fortunate to watch something that happens too quickly happen minute by minute. Still, another month has ended, another begun, and our baby boy is now fifteen months old.

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