Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jackson's First Day Back at School

We waited until the last possible minute to take Jackson back to school. We had Grandma Stockman watch him the days that Rob had to work last week so we could delay the inevitable. The morning was not an easy one. Noelle "forgot" her phone so we had to turn around to get it. She had an in-service across town and needed her phone for the GPS and just because it makes everyone feel safer. I said, 'Noelle "forgot" her phone' because after turning around, driving home, and searching the house, we discovered it was in the car after all.

We finally got to his school and went to drop him off. It took a while because his classmates were in the breakfast room and we had to talk about paperwork with the office. Finally it was time to go. We took the wussy way out and left when he wasn't paying attention. After some discussion we decided that we wouldn't do that again because we want him to understand when we won't just disappear on him and that we'll come back later to get him.

All day we were worried and stressed. Especially since he had a little freak out at his Grandparents house. Rob and Noelle were out of the room and he realized we were gone. He was UPSET. So, we could only imagine the freak out he'd have when left with "strangers."

We made it through the day and went to pick him up around 4pm. When we arrived, his class was playing outside. When we said hi, he barely acknowledged us and went back to playing. We talked to the teachers to find out how the day went. They said he was a little upset when he realized we were gone, but was pretty easy to distract. They said he was very social, mobile, and strong. Hmmmm. That could mean a lot of different things... At home he normally naps at 10 and 2. In his class, they have 1 nap at 11:30 and it lasts until 2:30. It's also on a mat on the floor. I wasn't sure how that would go. They said he did well waiting until 11:30 and slept a little over an hour. They said after that he was pretty good and lying on the floor while the others slept.

When we told Jackson it was time to say bye-bye and go home he threw a fit. First, I thought fits were supposed to start at 2??! He's not even 1 and a half yet. Second, as always, the first day was much harder on Mommy and Daddy than Jackson.

Since we got home this afternoon, Jackson has taken various pieces of cloth (t-shirt, blanket, etc) and carried it around the house, placed it on the ground, and laid his head on it. We guess he likes napping on the floor at daycare. Or praying to Mecca.

Although we are glad he had so much fun today, we are going to miss all of the Jackson time we had this summer. We love you goober!

Tomorrow he has his 15 month appointment. We hope he'll tell Dr. Gonzalez "what the doctor said," hand gestures and all.


The Carter's said...

I forgot he'd be moving over to a one-nap schedule now... Glad he's making the transition well and hope it continues.

You guys have an amazing little man there (not like you need anyone to tell you).

Love & miss all three of you.

Bethany said...

I don't think that's the wussy way out. V went through a stage where she just flipped when we left. So we snuck out. Everyday for about three months. They know they're working you. They also know what school is and that you'll be back.

Still though, getting hooked on your kid during the summer and having to give him back. Not cool.

Allee said...

Sounds like he had fun!! Glad to hear Jackson did well with the napping on the floor thing, Tripp starts that September 1st...I am nervous!