Monday, April 12, 2010

The Head Butt and the Dive

So Jackson has a new interesting habit. When he wants to express his love for something or someone he gives them a headbutt. We first saw this happen with his Eeyore. We didn't realize at the time he was headbutting him. The second time we saw this happen, he was playing with his twin Erwan. They were playing and being silly and then, they headbutted each other. It didn't even seem like an accident. Very odd.

Instead of giving Mommy kisses, Jackson has now started trying to headbutt Mommy. He does it to Daddy, too.

The other thing Jackson has started doing, which is supercool, is crawling over quickly on command. If I say, "Come see Mommy" he crawls over and dives headfirst into my lap. It's so cute. I do wonder if he's going to get separation anxiety soon. This whole weekend he got upset if I put him down. He wanted to be in my lap as much as possible. If you know Jackson, you know that's not him. Hopefully he's not about to get sick. Before he gets sick he is clingy, too.


Penny Morris said...

The head butts crack me up because that is how Neil hugs. He leans over and head butts. I have a picture of him with his head planted in the middle of my friend's daughter's chest as he hugged he. We were cracking up.

Rory-n-Jeremy said...

So cute! I wonder where he picked that up!? =) I suggest padded hats for a while!!

The Kemps said...

I'm thinking the head butt is imitating the dogs? You know how dogs and cats will rub their heads against you to get your attention/show love?