Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy 9.5 Month Birthday

Jackson - Tomorrow is your 9.5 mo birthday. We're sad to say that we didn't get to post on your 9 mo birthday, but we did talk about it and have talked about it many times over the past two weeks. The past month and a half have brought about crazy amounts of change.

You now have six teeth that have broken through, four on the top and two on the bottom. We think you have at least one on the bottom that is about to break through.

You got your first bite. And your second bite. We think it was Aly, but we have no hard evidence. Mommy got the call while she was on duty after school. They didn't know when it happened because they said you never cried or acted upset. You have your first big bruise and bump, too. It also happened at daycare. It's starting to heal, so the bruise is starting to look worse.

You now crawl exclusively on your knees (no more army crawl) and you are constantly pulling yourself up on furniture so you can walk around. If we hold your hands you can walk and run across the room. The more excited you are about whatever you are walking towards, the faster you walk. You love to crawl places you aren't supposed to go. You turn and look at us with a smile and take off. You think this is a game. When we call your name, you turn and look, then take off again laughing.

One of Mommy's favorite things ever is that you can give hugs. You will put your hand on the back of our shoulder and pat it. It is the cutest thing ever.

You continue to say Mama and Ba (bottle?) and Pup (in a whisper). We don't know if you really know what you are saying, but it seems so. You can hold a whole conversation with yourself, too.

You have started eating table food. You like pretty much anything. This morning you had a little bit of potato, french toast, yogurt, and pancake. You continue to love your solids more than your formula. Oh yeah, Mommy stopped nursing you about two weeks ago. She was running low on milk, but she still loves to hold you while you have your bottles.

Sometimes we can't do anything to entertain you and other times it's so easy. For a while you thought sneezes were the funniest thing ever. You would laugh and laugh and laugh. You think it's funny when we put something of yours in our mouth. This week it's your blocks. You are still crazy about your leap frog music table Santa brought you for Christmas and the music mirror that Aunt Penny, Uncle Stephen, William and Neil gave you for Christmas.

You went on your first flight. Your were awesome the whole time. You made about five noises on the way home, but that was it. Everyone doted on you during the trip. You made friends with the card player two rows back. We're not sure if it was his red shirt, cards or smile. You also left Texas for the first time.

You splash in the bathtub and will not stay on your back on the changing table. Sometimes we can distract you by giving you a diaper to wave around while we change you. Lucky for you, we give you a clean one.

You are still the highlight of our days and the center of our lives. You make our family complete. We look forward to our new adventures together as you begin to explore more of the world. We love you.


Unknown said...

Wonderful expressive photos that make you feel like he is with you.. and I am so glad you remembered to include the hugging milestone, it is so heartwarming.. loving behavior from a loving happy little boy who is so ready to take on everything he can find! Such a sweetie!

The Carter's said...

That is such a cute little boy. I'll give you a call next time we're in town--Will still talks about Jackson.

Hee: word verification is bubbicav.