Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Westside's Community Open House

We had our Community Open House back on Jan 21. It's an annual event and takes a ton of time and work. The timing was awful because the event was the same week as a huge Magnet deadline, but other than that, this year it went fairly well. We had approximately 600+ non-Westside people plus about 200 Westside people. It's a crazy event to coordinate since it consists of tours, a Fine Arts presentation, various speakers, snacks, and a "fair" in the Commons where prospective parents and students can walk around and talk to current parents, students, teachers and administrators at various tables. The Fine Arts portion was the best ever and we went from about 30-50 people showing up for the early tours to over 200!

This is the whole fine arts group on stage.

This is Inertia, one of the dance teams at Westside.
Yes, they are jumping off the stage - they are awesome like that.

Apparently, not only do I hold the mic in a funny way, but I also look sad when I speak.

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The Kemps said...

You hold it like a rapper...or like a cob of corn you're about to eat. :)