Saturday, September 5, 2009

Grandma Stockman's Birthday Celebration - And Jackson Dances

Today we celebrated Grandma Stockman's birthday. Jackson sported a new I heart Grandma shirt for the occasion. Grandma got her first present from Jackson. Little vain, don't you think, Jackson?
He also showed Grandma his birthday suit for her birthday.Having Grandma over was so exciting that Jackson didn't want to go to bed. See video below.Press arrow below to play video. It's a little longer than usual (little over a minute), but worth it.


Bethany said...

That is a cute sleep jumper. Love the vain gift.

The Kemps said...

So adorable - love the video! You'd think he'd get tired from all the kicking!

Kristen T. said...

I LOVE the look on Jackson's face in the bath. SO CUTE!