Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Most Sickie

This week has not gotten better. We are ready for a break! On Monday Noelle was sick. Her fever got above 102 and she felt awful. Tuesday, Rob was puking his guts up. Then, Jackson got sick...again. Now, keep in mind, although he was better from Saturday, he was still having diarrhea and his car seat had to be washed on a nearly daily basis. He was carried into daycare an arms length from Rob's body several days in a row.

But, Tuesday night Jackson went to bed around 7pm as usual. But, he woke up around 8:30 screaming. He cried for about 30 mins and finally fell asleep in Noelle's arms. He slept for about 30 mins, but woke up anytime she tried to put him down. He slept for 30 mins and then woke up screaming again. This continued all night long. Nobody got much sleep. He had a small fever overnight (about 100.5) but it grew to 102.7 by 9am. His doctor's office was able to work him in at 11:30. Noelle stayed home with him and decided they were going to get there early, so hopefully they could get in earlier.

When it was time to leave, Noelle placed him in his car seat and low and behold...he was quiet. This was a thrilling moment and she should have known there was a catch. She did a few things and went to pick up the car seat. She realized why he was so quiet and spent the next 30 minutes cleaning him and his car seat.

Once out the door, she made good time and was only 5 minutes late. Jackson's awesome doctor was out sick, so they were seeing another doctor - Dr. Wang. Grandma Stockman met them at the doctor to help out. They were called back quickly and when Noelle lifted Jackson from the car seat, Grandma Stockman noticed that Jackson had another explosion. The nurse assumed this was the reason for the visit. Haha. Nope. After going through Jackson's last week and a half, the nurse left and Dr. Wang came in. She was great! We realized that we are okay with seeing any doctor there - they are all great. It's just the office staff that is AWFUL.

Apparently Jackson's body stopped responding to the antibiotics and his ears got worse. On top of that he still has some stomach bug. Jackson has actually lost weight. He has a new antibiotic, so hopefully he'll get well soon. The doctor said it's possible he has the flu, but she doesn't think so for various reasons. But, she said there was no reason to test him because it would be miserable for him and he's too young for any medicine related to the flu. What we'd do for the flu, we should do for him anyway.

Hopefully, this is the end of the sickness for a while. Like Bethany said, it would be nice for Jackson to be able to see people again before turns 1.

By the way - I promise cute pictures are coming soon. Jackson turns 5 mo this week! I'll post one random picture for now. Perhaps this is why Jackson keeps getting sick...

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The Kemps said...

You guys really have been through some sort of hell...keeping you in our prayers!!