Sunday, September 20, 2009

San Antonio

Noelle and Jackson took a quick weekend trip to San Antonio to honor Shannon and the upcoming birth of her twins. Rob stayed behind because he was hosting Chris's bachelor party. Luckily Noelle's mom joined them on the trip and was a great help.

Not only was the shower fun, but it was nice getting to spend more time with the Reynolds. The girls were as sweet and cute as ever and continued to love on and take care of Jackson.

Emily loved to kiss and hug Jackson and also liked to help buckle him into the seat belt.

Maddie loved to touch Jackson's feet and also liked to help feed Jackson.

We're so excited that the twin boys will only be 5-6 months younger than Jackson. All though it will seem like a big difference at first, we know a year or two from now, it won't see like there's any difference.


The Kemps said...

OMG - this is one of my favorite posts ever - all the kids are so adorable and the mommies look great!!

Joe and Shannon said...

lots of good pics! except that first pic - could I be sitting any more like a guy???

Joe and Shannon said...

Joe just pointed out that I have 70 lbs of kids in my lap, so I don't feel so bad now

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures! Thanks for posting! Had a great time with the whole crew and enjoyed meeting your mom, Noelle.