Saturday, April 11, 2009

T minus 1 month

Today is exactly one month until our little baby boy is due. Of course only 15% of women actually deliver on the due date, but at least we know it's coming soon. With each day we grow more excited to meet our little Tator Tot. With each day we also realize how much we still need to do (like come up with the right name).

The nursery furniture is here...clothes, blankets, towels, sheets, and more are being washed and folded...the car seat is being installed tomorrow... things are beginning to come together.

Each day Tator Tot's movements grow stronger and are becoming more instense for Mommy. Daddy gets to feel them all the time. Tator Tot especially likes to hear Daddy sing to him. Sometimes Tator Tot gets annnoyed when Mommy eats because it takes away some of the precious available space left for him to move around - and boy does he let her know when this happens! Our puppies are also anxiously awaiting Tator Tot's arrival. Ruffles thinks that he can hatch the baby, and he constantly tries to lie down on Mommy's tummy. Schuley gives the baby a little more space, but is waiting to lick those toes.

We love you, Tator Tot!
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Jonathan Bruder said...

Nice to have a MacGregor blog to read again. And now it seems there are 2 3/4 MacGregors blogging! Congrats and best wishes with cottage fry :p

Peter MacGregor said...

We have bookmarked this! Happy Easter too!

Melissa MacGregor said...

I'm now a subscriber! Looking forward to all the news.
The "Cottage Fry" comment cracked me up! Very funny.