Monday, April 13, 2009


To give you an idea of how we are soaking up the precious free hours before the arrival of Tater-Tot, today we spent a solid thirteen hours at school - after a full day of work, Rob graded papers for about five hours straight and Noelle registered about 100 kids for next year for about four and a half hours. Then after a quick 9:00 59 Diner dinner, we got home to give our little puppies about an hour and a half of freedom before bed time. Rob has about two-hundred essays to grade tomorrow, Noelle has two papers to write for her masters class and another three hours of registering ahead, not to mention her Masters class after school, and, oh yeah, we apparently owe the government some money and have to sort that out before Wednesday, when our next doctor's appointment is. If our kid hits the ground running, you'll know why.

Did I forget to mention the time Rob set aside to train for the 180 mile bike ride he's doing this weekend? Yeah, that's cause that has not been happening. If you'd like to help him raise the money he still needs, go to this site and spend away. He appreciates the help, but would appreciate you taking his place even more.

We know it's a busy life, but when we see those students engaged in the learning process, we know it's all worth while.

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File for an extension for your taxes?