Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last Day of School

Jackson and Ben had their last day of school at Five Star on Friday. Unfortunately when we dropped the boys off not too many of his friends were there yet, so we don't have too many photos of them.

In August, they boys will attend The Innovative School. We're very excited for them! I know the boys will love the place. I think it will be a transition for Jackson who won't stop saying that he wants to be in Ms. Christine's school, but once he adjusts he'll love it. The majority of the teachers there have been in Montessori education 25 years and train new montessori teachers in the summer. The lunches come from Georgia's Market and the menu looks great. But, for now, the boys will enjoy summer!

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Clare Stockman said...

Superman seems more than a little concerned about what a laughing Batman might have under his shirt..