Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jackson's First T-Ball Game

So Jackson had his first t-ball this past Saturday. It was pretty much what you'd expect from a game of three year olds. Kids cried because the ball didn't come to them. Kids cried because they were ready to stop playing. Kids cried because the game was over. Kids ran away from the game way way out away from everyone else. And that was just our son.

All in all I think it was successful and Jackson wants to keep playing. So that's a good sign. I did learn that when your husband is "Coach" and you have a one year old to chase around, you just don't get many photos. Here are a few.


Clare said...

Maroon shirt, black shorts, black batting helmet, running down to baseline is this deja vue or what?!!

clare said...

The prove you are not a robot thing is getting out of hand. It is shady like covered in film, gray on dark gray covered with smoke.. then the other words letters are smashed on top of each other and sharing parts of other letters.. how many robots bother y'all?