Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Goes On At That Daycare of Jackson's?

Jackson's friend from class had her 2nd birthday this past weekend. Since they both bring their own lunch to school (his school's lunch menu is horrible) they usually sit together during lunch. What transpired during lunch, has me wondering, what exactly goes on at that school of his. His friend was very sweet and shared her food with and fed him. At least I know, if they share food at school, her Mommy always sends good lunches! They are too cute!

This is the point where he decides he is full.
But, she's determined...one more bite!
What a birthday cutie!
This picture entertains me for various reasons. First, he's in his diaper because we learned that swim diapers don't absorb urine! I know they are built to not absorb pool water and get heavy, but I thought they would absorb enough to handle some urine. But, no. I feel better knowing that many people have been through the same thing. It's fun cleaning urine up off the floor in front of a lot of people you don't know... The other thing that entertains me is that the couch area is apparently the "cell phone zone." You may need to click on the picture to see it, but I think all of the people on the couches are looking at their phones. Not that I can throw stones on that one...
Daddy and Ben
All in all Jackson had a blast, especially when the slide was placed at the edge of the pool and he got to slide into the water. There aren't any pictures of the pool part because when you have two kids and you're around water, pictures just don't seem to happen...


Clare said...

no pic of YOU peeing all over the wood floor? People would tune in for that..

Noelle MacGregor said...

Yeah...I don't even know what I meant to type there. Too tired. Must go to bed.