Monday, June 6, 2011

Three months of Ben

About six days ago, little Benjamin Parker MacGregor became three months old. Ben - It happened during the last week of school, so you'll have to forgive the late post, and it happened during this period of life where we have a toddler and an infant at home, so you'll have to forgive a lot. In the past month, your personality has started to emerge more and more. You smile, you coo, you lift your eye brows in surprise, and you scream. You scream if you're tired, if you're hungry, if your diaper is dirty, and if you've been asleep for five minutes and woke up and found we had moved on from holding you and singing, "Do Re Mi." It's fantastic. But you really do smile, smile, smile, and smile.

You are already becoming your own person in so many ways. Your head may be smaller than Jackson's, but you don't like lifting your head as much during tummy time. You prefer having us hold you up so you can stand, and then your head is up and looking all over. It seems like you want to skip the baby stuff and move on to hanging out with your brother.

Your brother loves you just as much as we do, by the way. I know one day you two will be squabbing and all, but right now, Jackson is always ready to discuss how much he thinks the world of you. I asked him this morning who we could hear crying, and instead of saying "Baby Ben," he said "my best friend" in that "what a stupid question" inflection. He brings you pacifiers and blankets all the time, especially if you're sleeping. When we're in the car, one of his hands is always on your car seat. At his daycare, all his teachers know your name. Let's hope this adoration never ends.

You made a noise today that sounded like "dada," which makes up for the two times you peed on Daddy this weekend. You want Mommy and Daddy to look at your face and hold you all the time. Sure, you'll bat around the dangling monkeys in your little play area, but you still prefer Mommy and Daddy. You can stay in our arms all day.

And we could pretty much hold you all day. Unfortunately, it's often holding you while pulling Jackson out of his crib or making dinner or stopping Jackson from running around the house with a toy lamppost in his mouth. Last night we held you on the back patio, sipped wine and watched Jackson, Mommy and the dogs run around the yard. That was a nice way to start a summer of watching you become more of a little person every day. We love you, Baby Ben, and we're happy to have you complete our family.

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