Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 7 - Back to the hospital

Since Ben was discharged on a Thursday, instead of having an appointment 2 days later, he had to wait until Monday (4 days later). His bilirubin levels were checked and had gone up even more, so we had to head to the hospital. Our pediatrician sent us to Texas Children's (new Katy location).

Ben was the second patient there EVER. It was the first day they were open, which was evident in so many ways. For starters, they actually had a ribbon across the door for us to cut. Although I am sure they were excited to have patients, you just don't really feel like celebrating when you are checking your child into a hospital. Also, the nurses were not trained on the equipment and some had obviously never worked with a baby. For example, the PCA tried to put a normal size O2 sensor on Ben. She explained to the nurse that she couldn't get a reading and then the nurse explained that you can't use a normal O2 sensor on a baby. She showed her the infant one. Even we knew that! Also, at the night shift change, a nurse came in and noticed that the bed wasn't set up correctly and completely redid it. Confidence NOT building. The list goes on. They didn't have all of the equipment they needed, etc. I'm sure the place will be great in a year when everyone is used to the equipment and has some experience, but for a while I will be steering clear of that place! The good news is that the bed was in a private room so we got to stay with Ben the whole time. The next day his levels had gone down almost 10 points so we were released and were told to get him to the doctor the following day for a follow-up test.

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Penny Morris said...

This pics with the glowing pillow are fascinating! Hope he is doing better! He is such a cutie!!