Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 5 - MacGregors South and Back to Memorial Hermann

On Saturday Aunt Melissa, Uncle Chris, and Ben's cousin Chelsea came out to meet Ben. They were gracious enough to stay with Jackson when we had to head back to Memorial Hermann to get Ben's bilirubin level checked. The idea of taking a newborn to an ER terrifies us with all of the disease that might be floating around. His levels weren't good, but they weren't high enough to require admitting we thought. Later our pediatrician told us he would have admitted him at that level, especially since he hadn't regained any weight. But for the time being Ben was able to go home with us. We learned that people in the ER are much nicer to you when you have a newborn. Everyone wants to see the baby. They don't forget that you exist and they get you out of there much faster!

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