Sunday, November 7, 2010

Show and Tell

In Jackson's newest room, he has Show and Tell each Friday. Each week he has to bring something of a certain color for class. They focus on the color all week and all of their art work is that color. His teachers always tell us how much Jackson loves Show and Tell. He's brought his Eeyore, his tunnel, a ball, and a few of his other things. Last Thursday night we realized that we didn't know the week's color. Rob tried calling Jackson's teacher, but the class was outside. Later Rob was talking about how Jackson had paint on his nose. I asked him what color the paint was. It was purple, so we assumed it was the color of the week. I asked Jackson if he learned about purple at school this week. He said, "purple, purple" so well that I assumed that we figured it out.

When Rob dropped Jackson off on Friday morning, he learned the "color" was TRIANGLE! They switched to shapes. We had nothing in the car that was a triangle and Jackson was stuck with a purple truck.

When we picked him up that afternoon his teacher told us that he refused to show his truck today even though he LOVES Show and Tell. Poor little guy. I guess he knew he was wrong. Later I brought up triangles with him to reinforce what he learned in school. He wouldn't repeat the word and cried. As Grandma Stockman said, when he's older he's going to hate triangles and never know why... Who know there would already be "pressure" in school at 18 mo.

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