Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jackson and Maddie Sitting in a Tree

A few weeks ago we went to the RGR (Reynolds-George Ranch) for the first time. I am just finally getting around to posting about the weekend. Although we have other pictures from the weekend, I think this deserves its own post.

Although Jackson is closest in age to Will and Travis, this particular weekend, Jackson only had eyes for Maddie. They were best buds all weekend and Jackson spent most of his time with her. They held hands, they raced, they played with toys together, and they K-I-S-S-E-D. Now, of course, Jackson was very generous with his kisses and also kissed Emily, Will and Travis. But, it was still very sweet and cute.
Here's the age spread of our kiddos.
Emily - 4 years
Maddie - Abt 2.5 years
Jackson - 1.5 years
Will & Travis - 1 year
Annyong - Negative 4 months


The Kemps said...

That's not too big of an age gap for marriage... :)

Joe and Shannon said...

Ahh, they were so sweet! Wonder what will come of it???? Thanks for posting these pics.

Maddie's G. A. Sherry said...

Thanks for posting - adorable. Jackson is to be commended for his generous kisses. The eyes have it, though, when it comes to true romance, and apparently his added the distinguishing element. ;-)