Sunday, May 2, 2010

Young MacGregor had a farm E I E I O

For Jackson's first birthday party, we decided to do something small, simple and fun. We wanted a party that Jackson could enjoy as well as his older friends.

Since some of Jackson's favorite things are animals, playgrounds, people, and splashing we decided to do a Barn theme at a park in our neighborhood. The park looks like a barn. It has ivy animals scattered around as well as animals marked into the cement.

Here is a picture of the invite. I am not particularly crafty, but when I am, it is typically for Jackson.

My other crafty project for the day was the cupcakes and barn cake. It took some work to make the barn red, but it happened!!!

Jackson had a great time, especially when he got to play on the splash pad. He also had a lovely 3 hour nap after the party.

We look forward to teasing Jackson about how most of his guests were female and how they couldn't keep their clothes on. Although we thought about it, we decided it was wrong to title the blog Toddlers Gone Wild. Thanks to everyone who helped and attended! Felicia gets the award for coming the farthest to be here for the special day, but we also appreciate the Reynolds, the Carters, and Rebecca for making the drive to Houston!

To see more pictures from the day, click here.


Joe and Shannon said...

What an awesome party. Emily had fun recounting the event to Grandma and Grandpop

Kirsty said...

cool cake - will give idea to friends over here. Great photos - Jackson's card and a wee present coming back over with P&F.