Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Emily (almost)

Although Emily's actual birthday is still a few days away (Wednesday), we celebrated her birthday this weekend. As always, we had a nice time with the Reynolds Family (and the Georges). I tell you, those little girls are going to be some heart breakers!

In addition to celebrating Emily's birthday this weekend, it was also monumental because Emily said my name correctly for the first (and 100th) time this weekend and Maddie almost said Noelle and Jackson!

Here's the beautiful cupcake Emily's Mommy and Daddy made for her!
Someone is getting a little ancy waiting for her cupcake!The anticipation...Happy Birthday to you...
Worth the wait? I think so...
Like Grandpop - Like Granddaughter
Sisters with 'staches
I wish I could remember what caused this face!What a cutieTime for Dress-up
Too bad this one is blurry. I think it's hilarious the way Em is watching JOn Saturday evening, while the weather was nice, Rob and I took the kiddos for a walk. While on the walk, I got some great pictures of Maddie
Jackson protects his toys while he sleepsJackson is determinedOur TotAnd they're off
Next time we see the Reynolds, Jackson will have two more friends!


Joe and Shannon said...

Thanks for all the great pics of both of our kiddos! And thanks for all the help this weekend too. Still wish we lived in the same city

Bethany said...

Love sisters with stashes and Jackson protecting his toys.

Anonymous said...

Love the "Tater Tot" onesie. He's really good at "happy baby" pose...maybe he'll be a yogi.

The Kemps said...

Those girls just keep getting more and more beautiful!!