Thursday, August 13, 2009

Graduation/Felicia's Visit

This past weekend I walked across the stage for the first time since high school. Since I missed my college graduation (my softball team competed in nationals the same weekend), I decided to get the cap, gown, and hood and walk across the stage. The masters program that I completed was a special one year program partially funded thanks to a partnership with HISD. Typically the program takes two years to complete, but our program was condensed into one year. Therefore, the workload was intense - but it's over. HISD is generous and will now pay me an extra $500 a year for my advanced degree. After my scholarship, it will only take me 15 years working in HISD for the degree to pay for itself (not taking into account the money I could have made if I invested the same amount as the tuition). Nice.

The speaker was sub par, but quick. Since it was summer graduation and the students were divided into two ceremonies, we didn't have to sit through too many people. It made the whole thing more enjoyable. Felicia came into town the same weekend to meet Jackson, so she killed two birds with one stone. I appreciate everyone that made the long drive: Mom, Stephen, Rob, Jackson, Mom2, Dad2 and Felicia. I learned a piece of trivia about the MacGregors that weekend as well. Apparently all the women have masters, but not the men.

On Sunday were went over to the Leo's to visit and see the newly remodeled garden room (correction - three birds with one stone). Mr. Leo - if you are reading this - don't forget, if you get bored... we have tons of projects for you out in Katy. It was great to see the family and also to spend some time with other young mothers. Sarah, Florence, and Tiffany all had adorable children for Jackson to meet.

Here are some pictures from the day:


Courtney said...

Congratulations on all your hard work and obtaining your degree!

P.S. I love the picture of you in the Westfield Correctional Institute T-shirt holding Jackson who's wearing a "jailbird" stripe onsie. Awesome.

Kristen T said...

Congratulations Noelle!!!!

Kirsty/Colin/Alasdair said...

Congratulations fae Perth - your multi-tasking skills are amazing. Lucky Rob and Jackson.