Sunday, January 1, 2012

Benjamin Parker - 10 Months

(pics to come...seriously...)

Baby Ben. You are becoming less and less of a baby every day. You can now stand on your own for short spurts. You have a tooth. You love playing with "big boy" toys way more than you want to play with your own toys.

You are still the baby of two extremes. You are either sooo happy (usually) or sooooo mad. You are already silly like your brother. You all just laugh at each other. It's very cute. Speaking of Jackson, he loves you more and more every day. Although he did kick you in the face today, he also gave you tons of hugs and kisses and brought you lots of toys. We have come to the realization that you are being raised by your 2 year old brother as much as us...maybe more.

You are our monkey climber. You can actually partially climb up the baby gate. You just had to get to that gold glittery ball ornament... You love being outside. You loving swinging. You also love playing silly little games with Mommy. You like to stand on her lap. She counts one, two, three (you bounce on your own each time) and then on three "jumps" you up. You LOVE it and really anticipate it each time.

You are more and more of a little person each day. We love you!

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Clare Stockman said...

And Baby Ben you are much more verbal and determined than last month! We love you.