Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ben 9 Months Old

Since we aren't using this on our Christmas card, I will hijack it for this post.
Photo taken by Love & Whimsy.
Baby Ben -

Today you are 9 months old. You are finally starting to feel better and have been off an antibiotic for about a week now (after 45 days of antibiotics). You are starting to eat solids again and maybe you'll gain some weight! You had your 9 month check up a little over a week ago and here were your stats:

Weight - 19 lbs - 32%
Height - 28.5 in - 66%
Head - 18.5 in -92?%
You have no teeth.

We know we shouldn't compare you and your brother, but wow! Jackson was your weight at 4 months. The bonus is that Mommy and Daddy finally found Jackson's 6-9 mo clothes and they will still fit you for a while. Now you won't have to wear the same clothes week after week. Jackson also had 6 teeth at this point.

Your personality is all about extremes. You are either deliriously happy or pissed off beyond belief. Lucky for us, you're happy more than you're not. You still have no teeth, so we get to have your gummy smile a little bit longer.

You are mobile! You've been pulling up on things for a long time. For a while you kept trying to let go of furniture and walk. After a couple of weeks of bruises from banging your head you finally stopped that. Yesterday when Mommy went to pick you up, you walked all the way across the room at school while holding on to the shelves with one hand. Yikes! That came out of the blue and means you just might really be walking soon. Today we had you in the Ben Pen and you were trying to walk again. Jackson and Mommy had a funny conversation about it.
Mommy: Look Jackson! Ben really wants to walk.
Jackson: Ben wants to walk.
Mommy: And after he walks, he'll run.
Jackson: And then Ben will play outside and wear my shoes.
Jackson: And then he'll play with my Legos.

Not sure where the shoes comment came from, but it's a big step that your brother wants to share his shoes and toys with you. Jackson loves you a lot. He'll try to make you laugh when you cry. He will go and get a toy and tell us it's for you. He even went through his room and pulled out all of the "Baby Ben Toys" and just kept the "Big Boy Toys." But, sometimes he is still too rough (like the time he hit you on the head with his Little People Bus) and sometimes he still gets jealous. He likes to fake cry when you get attention for crying. Luckily he's outgrown that and now just likes to run and jump in our laps when we're paying too much attention to you.

You are waking up like a newborn again. We don't like this and must remedy this soon. Despite the lack of sleep due to this new habit, we still love you to pieces. We should enjoy the quiet, but really we can't wait for you to talk so we can laugh at all of the silly things you say.

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