Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

Jackson returned to school and Benjamin started school today. Ben was definitely the easy one this time. He just looked around at the toys, babies, and teachers and continued to smile. Jackson was a whole different story. He had a hard time adjusting last year. He cried at drop off for two months. It was awful. This morning's drop off was horrible. He cried and cried and grabbed Mommy's neck and wouldn't let go. After we left him and got Ben settled in, we peeked at him again. He was still crying. It makes Mommy and Daddy sad. When we picked him up, we were told he cried on and off during the day for his, "Mommy, Dada, Baby Bens." We were also told, that when he did cry, his friend Sophia went and held his hand. Pretty adorable. One of his best buddies, Graciela, has not yet moved up. We hope she moves up soon! When Jackson saw her after school he gave her a big hug! I love little kids!

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