Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Perfect 10

Happy 10 Month Birthday! I can't believe that in 2 months you will already be a year old! This month you turned into a ball of energy. You are constantly moving around and busy doing something. You like to play with mommy and daddy now. You like it when we chase you. You like to hand us stuff. Over...and....over.....and.....over.....and......over....again. You never tire of that game. You have a favorite song on your exersaucer. You hit it and hit it until it plays. As soon as you hear it, you stop. You proceed to "dance" to the song. It is the cutest thing ever. Despite you waking us up at 1am...3-5am and so on because of your ears, we both couldn't stay cranky this morning because of your cuteness. You have also started playing peek a boo on your own. You will cover your face with anything you can find whether it's your blanket or a stuffed animal. Then, you pull it down with a huge grin.

You gave Grandma Stockman a run for her money yesterday. You wanted to get into everything from the toilet to the dishwasher to the dog bowl. You like being helpful and handing her the plastic dishes from the dishwasher.

You love playing with your blocks. Your favorite games with them include knocking down anything Mommy or Daddy builds and watching Mommy hold it with her mouth. You think it's the funniest thing ever. Currently your other two favorite toys include the grocery cart walker and the motorized animals. You will push the cart across the room (many times on your knees) and then spend 30 minutes taking things in and out and in and out of the cart. You can start the motorized animal yourself. You crawl after it. When it stops, if you aren't ready to stop, you push it across the floor as you continue to crawl. I'd say your pianos are up there with your favorite toys as well. Then, of course, there is the whole class of toys that are off limits such as the remotes, cameras, phones, Wii controllers, and more.

You are definitely cruising now. Sometimes you think you can stand or walk and decide to let go. But, you can't. And then you fall. You are a big boy and rarely ever cry. I think every fall hurts Mommy and Daddy more than you.

Your ears continue to be a problem. You currently have an ear infection that you have had for almost 6 weeks. Tomorrow we go to the ENT to see what they recommend.

Oh, and how can I forget, you love Wheel of Fortune. I don't think I have ever seen someone so interested in the TV as you are when Wheel of Fortune is on. Yup, you're a keeper. We love you little monkey.


The Kemps said...

SO amazing already 10 months...do you guys have a ton of monkey stuff at Target in Texas right now? I think of him every time I go in!

Bethany said...

Good luck at the doctor tomorrow. If you have questions about tubes, etc, a couple we are friends with just put them in their son's ears. I don't know anything about tubes, but I do know they've been a lifesaver for them.

Penny Morris said...

Good luck at the doctor.. let us know what happens. We have Wheel of Fortune lovers in the house too. I think that is how William learned half of his letters!! :)