Monday, September 28, 2015

Another story by Jackson and Daddy

A Fishy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a fish that had seven friends.
He knew them all from his school for fish.
It was the first day of summer. On that day, he went to school and could not find anyone there! He did not know what to do!
Where were his seven friends? Did they not want to play finball with him any more?
He went home and sobbed.
His mommy saw that he was upset, and she asked him why. He said none of his friends were at school. In fact, no one was at school!
She said that it was summer, and in summer you get to stay home.
"But I do not want to stay home if I cannot see my seven friends!" the fish said.
"It's okay. You can go outside and play, and you can have fish dates with them as well," his mommy said.
He did not know what a fish date was, but he liked the idea of seeing his friends, so he asked his mommy to set up a fish date with his friends.
His mommy called his friends' parents, and she asked them if they were able to play. 
His friends' parents were happy to hear from her, but not all of them could play. Only three friends could get together.
They had fun, but they missed their other friends. 
Over the summer, there were many fish dates, but they never got all seven friends together with the fish!
Finally, summer was over, and the fish's mommy told him to wake up and get ready for school. The fish was tired. 
He swam to school and saw all seven of his friends waiting for him!
They were so excited to see each other, and they were ready to play some finball.
But then, the bell rang, and their teacher said, "time to come inside and do some math problems!"
The friends swam inside, and they all hoped that they would get to play at recess. 



s said...

When I was a fish in school, we made up all kinds of 3 to 4 fish finball games, like homeswim derby. Ah, finball. The only difficulty is being able to keep up with all 20,000 leagues. Really enjoyed your story, Jackson, and I hope the fish enjoys the math puzzles!

Anonymous said...

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