Saturday, October 8, 2011

Benjmain Turns 7 Months

I can't believe Ben is already 7 months. He's growing up so quickly. He can sit up very well, going from sitting to crawling, and crawl crawl crawl. He is definitely more interested in toys now (and his brother!). Jackson loves to make Ben laugh. It's pretty hilarious to everyone else watching too when he does it. He makes this crazy fake laugh noise and jumps/dances around. Ben laughs. Today he flipped us out a little because he started pulling up on things to stand up. We are NOT ready for that! We had to lower his crib tonight because he did it in his crib. He can't stand long, but we fear that isn't far behind.

Ben has a wonderfully huge smile. The kind of smile that makes you instantly smile. The kind of smile where you know it is physically the largest smile he can possibly give. We think that smile is what has won him favorite kid at daycare. There are only three kids in his class, so I guess it isn't saying much. But, we agree with his teacher on that one. We know he's well loved at daycare. It's really sweet; his teacher on Fridays always has to give him one last hug since she won't see him for two days. She always says, "I need my weekend hug!"

Ben is eating solids now. He LOVES cereal, but that's about it. He'll eat other things, but he doesn't go crazy for them like he does cereal. He's currently eating bananas, pears, applesauce, carrots, green beans and sweat peas. Earlier today we read about Jackson at 7 months and realized that Ben is getting a little bit of the "second child" treatment. At 7 months Jackson could drink out of a sippy cup (we've never even handed one to Ben) and Jackson could give high fives. We have some work to do now. Ben, though, can give a pretty darn cute wave.

Ben is also obsessed to crawling over to wherever Jackson's Crocs are to chew them. Yuck.

Finally, Ben has a STRONG personality. He is extremely happy most of the time, but when he's not, he will let you know it. Unfortunately, he's starting to get mad when people leave the room or when he's bored. Although we may not post as much about Ben with our busy, crazy lives these days, he does cute/funny things all the time and we love him!

There are 7 mo pics coming, but it will probably have to wait until another day.

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Penny Morris said...

Hmmmm I seem to have one of those STRONG personality seconds as well! ;) I guess when you are the youngest, you have to work to be heard sometimes!