Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jackson's Ring Finger

Jackson has been really hurt twice in his life. I am thankful that it's only been twice in his life (excluding illnesses - swine flu etc). The first time, if you remember, was when he fractured his leg. That's right. It was Mommy's fault. He blamed the slide. Good boy.

The second time happened this morning. We came out of the bathroom. I shut the door. After a brief pause, there was a blood curdling scream. Yes, door shut. Finger in door. Mommy fault again. It looks awful. Not as awful as I feel. Yes, I know it was an accident. Jackson doesn't blame me, either. He says the door hurt him. Still feel awful.

Again, thankful that these are his biggest injuries. Not thankful that Mommy caused him the pain.

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Clare said...

At least it wasn't the car door, if that helps any. I am sorry, it does happen. I know you feel awful. I hope it didn't break his finger or your heart.