Saturday, July 2, 2011

Benjamin - 4 mo

Ben,  You're wonderful. You smile, and smile, and smile, and smile. You even smile with your eyes. You coo. You laugh. You roll over both ways. You can roll across and off the big beautiful blanket your Aunt Melissa made for you. What a great age 4 months is! Knock on wood, you haven't been sick for the past two months. 

You can sit in your Bumbo. You uare chewing on things like crazy ( You swat, you grab (see card pic below), and you like toys now.

You don't have your 4 mo exam until the July 11th, but you weighs 15.5 lbs according to the baby scale at home. You're long, but we're not sure how long. We think 25.5 inches, but we measured you while you were nursing so I'm sure it's highly accurate. That makes you about the same length that J was and about 2 lbs lighter. 

You were sleeping from 7pmish til 5:30. Now you're waking at 12 or 3:30 and sometimes both. We'd prefer you return to your previous schedule. But, we love ya nonetheless. Oh yes, and your brother loves you, too.

Just for fun...


Granddad MacGregor said...

Nest time, I'll need Ben's help when playing Rummy. Then perhaps I can win

Bethany said...

That first photo is too sweet.